WOW!!! What a Degree Conferral!!!

Tuesday night's degree duo: Worshipful Master and Senior Deacon, Beaux Pettys (left) and David Herman (right) yuck it up at the after degree celebration at Cafe' Intermezzo.

Gate City II put one up for the ages last night. Well known for excellent presentation and delivery of ritual, Tuesday Evening GCII pulled out all of the stops. The lodge was illumined by six new electric candles which produce a flickering, sombre, orange-red glow. Our formally clad brethren hit all the steps with exacting precision. David Herman, Degree Senior Deacon, and Beaux Pettys, Degree Worshipful Master, turned in stunning performances with ranging emotion and deliberate delivery.

Not to be outdone, David Johnston gave a perfect second section of which all the candidates received the lesson. Guest Lecturer extraordinaire, Randy Hazan, Fulton 216, gave a heart felt, precise, and excellent (as usual) Bible Lecture. Dan Genson performed a letter perfect and solemn Apron Lecture. John Guest's Charity Lecture was soft spoken, poignant and impactful. The Northeast Corner Lecture was inimitably thrown down by Beaux Pettys.

Many guests were in attendance. Among them, Norman Evans, from Gainesville, commented that Gate City's performance was the best Entered Apprentice Degree that he'd ever seen. Rusty Newport, Acacia, called it, "Phenomenal."

Gate City II is an Atlanta Masonic Lodge. We are Free and Accepted Masons working under the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Georgia. We meet at the Atlanta Masonic Center (formerly The Atlanta Masonic Temple) 1690 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309
Norman P.