Atlanta Cyclorama Painting Donated by Gate City II's George V. Gress

Gress stands by an elephant which was part of a large collection of wild animals which he donated to the Atlanta Zoo in 1889. It was his purchase of those animals which founded the zoo.

The world's largest painting, 42 ft by 358 ft, was donated to the city of Atlanta by Gate City II's George V. Gress in 1898: The famous Cyclorama painting of The Battle of Atlanta. Brother Gress was a native of New York who prospered in the lumber business.

Gate City II is an Atlanta Masonic Lodge. We are Free and Accepted Masons working under the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Georgia. We meet at the Atlanta Masonic Center (formerly The Atlanta Masonic Temple) 1690 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309
Norman P.