how old do I have to be to join?

You have to be 18 years old in the state of Georgia. 

How do I get a petition?

You must petition a lodge and your petition must be signed by two active Masons, one of whom must be a member of the lodge you petition and both of whom must have known you for at least one year. You must also ask to join. 

since my family was involved in freemasonry does that make me a FREEmason?

Your relative's service to our the Craft may have been honorable, but to join you must petition on your own and be admitted on your own merit.  


We are a Free and Accepted lodge working under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Georgia.  Our lodge is recognized by all regular bodies of Freemasonry; including the UGLE. You can see which lodges are recognized around the world HERE

Are there any organizations my son can join?

If your son is aged 12 - 21, then he may be able to join an appendant body called Demolay


This is a fraternity so you must be a man to join.  There are however appendant bodies of Freemasonry that women are allowed to join. One such organization for girls is The Rainbow Girls and Job's Daughters . For  women and men The Order of the Eastern Star.  Gate City has many open events and your significant other, family, and friends are welcome to attend.


Is Freemasonry a religion?

Freemasonry is non-denominational and is not a religion. Our rules specifically prohibit speaking about religion in the lodge. You must however affirm a belief in a Supreme Being, in some revelation of His will, and in the immortality of the soul.  Atheists and Satanists are not permitted to join. 

Does freemasonry belong to a certain political party?

As with religion, political discussion is prohibited in the lodge.  We do not belong or affiliate with any political party. Many of our members may be involved in politics, but Freemasonry itself is non-partisan. 

How do I get to know freemasons?

Gate City Lodge No. 2 meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday except for the summer months. You can join us for dinner and a tour. You can contact us here

I was asked to join freemasonry, why is this?

Soliciting members is against our rules and regulations.  We will never ask you to join us, but you must ask us to join.  Although you may meet many Freemason's in your line of work and become friends, they will never ask you to join.  

I joined a Prince Hall lodge, can I sit in your meetings?

While many states allow cross -visitation and meetings. Unfortunately in Georgia, Prince Hall lodges are not recognized as "regular" by Free and Accepted Masons.  You can not sit in a regular meeting unless that meeting is open to the public.  Gate City strives to have as many open events as possible to accommodate our other Brethren.  You are welcome to dinner and any open events we have.