Five Raised by Torchlight at Autumnal Ritual in Masonic Cemetery:

Gate City Lodge No. 2 conferred the Master’s Degree on five candidates on October 22nd, 2011. The ceremonies were held in the Masonic section of Forrest Lawns Memorial Gardens just south of Atlanta. The paths were lit with lanterns, candles and torches. The East, West, South and Altar were constructed of White Georgia Marble.

There was no moon that night and the weather had just started to turn cold. The Brethren and candidates toughed the conditions for what all agreed was a most memorable occasion.

To see the names of brethren who had gone before prior to the sun going down made the affair all the more touching. Many of these Brethren were buried next to their wives, daughters and sons: Lodge was held that night, and this was the first time that they were present at lodge with their fathers and husbands.

Congratulations to the Brethren Raised:

Gregory Donnell Singleton
Andrew Jacob Becker
Harold Edward Gill, Jr
David William Nadler
Corey Scott Chaleff

Conferred by:
Beaux Pettys, WM
David Herman, SW
Minh Van, JW
Donald Hall, SD
Zeithlin Waters, JD
BJ Crapps, SS
Alan Colussy, JS

David Llewellyn
Doug Hrabe
BJ Crapps

John Guest
Jason Graham
David Dodd
Joe Upshaw
Victor Marshall

Chaplain: Grand Chaplain John Kirbow

Norman P.