Gate City Annual Retreat Scheduled for the Weekend of December 3 - 5:

The Brethren of Gate City Lodge No. 2 have decided on a date for the Sixth Annual Retreat. Breaking with the usual scheduling of our retreat for the weekend before the annual communication, it was decided that the second Tuesday came too late in December this year. The idea for the change was given by Worshipful Brother David Johnston and approved by Worshipful Master Donald Hall.

Our Retreat focuses on Officer Proficiency, Catechisms, planning and Fellowship. Over thirty brethren are reasonably expected over the weekend. The retreat is held in Big Canoe at a large house which features amenities such as two kitchens, heated pool, large outside deck with a view and a home theatre which makes for a great Lodge Hall for practice.

The first retreat was held in 2005 by the incoming Master, Beaux Pettys. The attendees were: Beaux Pettys, Don Sawyer, Doug Hrabe, Michael Bjelajac, David Johnston and Tom Lawrence. Joe Brooks and Jeff Hodges came by that weekend as well to offer input and support.
Norman P.