Victor Marshall's father has passed:

A Message From Worshipful Master Mike Bjelajac:
Dear Brethren & Friends,

It is with a sad heart that I inform you that at 3:00AM this morning, Bro. Victor Marshall's father (Mr. Rudolph Marshall 57), has passed away after battling complications stemming from Pneumonia.

Yesterday afternoon, Victor was notified that his father was being admitted to Upson Regional Medical Center's ICU after only being discharged a week earlier after being treated for Pneumonia. Victor advised that at the time of his admission, his father was unable to breathe on his own and his blood pressure had dropped below 50. As any good son would do, Victor immediately rushed to his father's side during his final hours as doctors fought to stabilize him.

I spoke with Victor this morning upon receiving his text message advising of his father's passing. As you can imagine, Victor is still processing all of this and he has advised that as of this moment neither he or his family is in need of anything other than your thoughts and prayers. I told Victor that if there are any needs or concerns that we may assist with, to please not hesitate to ask. I will keep everyone posted as further information becomes available regarding the funeral services for Mr. Rudolph Marshall.

Brethren, please keep Bro. Victor Marhall and his family in your thoughts and prayers when on bended knee.


WB Michael Bjelajac
Norman P.