Tuesday, October 13, 2009: The Haggis Was Addressed...and Consumed!

Beaux Pettys welcomed the gathering of sixty guests. He summed a paper, which he'd written, about Burns' importance to the Scottish People with the following, "Perhaps it is best to impart that, in the eighteenth century, Prometheus spoke with a Scottish Brogue. He carried a torch comprised of wood from the felled trees of the Highland clearances. In lieu of a lost kingdom, a pitch soaked rag was crowned atop his torch and Robert Burns lit the match." He hit the gavel three times and the entourage marched in behind the bagpipes.

The gathering stood up as the Bagpiper, swordsmen, and addresser marched solemnly to the east. The Haggis was placed in front of the addresser and he began the recital of Robert Burns'Address To A Haggis. His Scottish dialect was thick, literally unintelligible and an utter delight to hear. He stabbed The Haggis with a dagger several times and then wielded said dagger in the air. When finished, he paid the piper. Typically, one pays the piper with a dram of good Scotch Whiskey but, in this instance, apple juice had to suffice.

The pipes began and the entourage left the lodge room. Our gathering followed suit to the dining hall. It's hard to imagine wanting to sample sheep hearts, intestine and other unsavory bits but when beckoned by Scotsmen, clad in kilts, some people will try anything. Our guests enjoyed a heaping spoonful on taddies and Haggis while listening to another couple of tunes on the pipes and a couple of Burns' poems. Gate City would like to thank the following:

Addresser: Richard Graham
Bagpipes: George McLellan
Swordsman I: Ross Wylie
Swordsman II: Charles Bogle III
Platter: Alexander Davidson (Our very own)

Gate City II is an Atlanta Masonic Lodge. We are Free and Accepted Masons working under the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Georgia. We meet at the Atlanta Masonic Center (formerly The Atlanta Masonic Temple) 1690 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309
Norman P.