ATTENTION: Latest Letter To Circulate Not From Gate City II:

There is another letter being circulated throughout Georgia Freemasonry. This letter, however, is anonymous. The envelope has no return address and the contents are merely a list of names of Gate City II members with Grand Lodge Offices beside said names.

The names with offices are cut into neat little slips which may be fitted into a coat pocket - for the Mason on the go. Whether the motives were misdirected good intentions or a malicious effort to get names published, for whatever reason, is unknown. What is known is that, regardless of intent or motive, the letter is unauthorized and constitutes either unwanted electioneering or un-Masonic conduct. Fortunately, the envelope is handwritten which gives a good sample of the senders penmanship - or lack thereof.

No member of Gate City II has any involvement in the writing, distribution, or planning of said letter. Any and all information regarding this matter is welcome.

No member of Gate City II is seeking any office named in said letter.

Sincerely & Fraternally,


Gate City II is an Atlanta Masonic Lodge. We are Free and Accepted Masons working under the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Georgia. We meet at the Atlanta Masonic Center (formerly The Atlanta Masonic Temple) 1690 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309
Norman P.