Gate City II: Religion and Culture III: Gypsy Jazz: Click Link Below To See Video Of Performance:

Charles Williams and Dave Bolin are two extraordinary guitarists who specialize in an early twentieth century music form: Gypsy Jazz. Django Rheinhardt, a two-fingered guitarist of Belgian – Franco origin, is to this music form what Segovia is to the Classical Guitar or what Jimi Hendrix is to the modern electric guitar. Gypsy Jazz lent itself handily to the French Cabarets and American jazz clubs of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Most of you have heard this form of music without knowing what it was.

In between numbers, Charles Williams gave background information on the composers of the upcoming selections. Note the guitars: they are not a common type. These guitars were designed for reverberation and depth. A well made guitar of this style starts at $4,000.00. Trust me, these were two very good guitars.

Charles and Dave are ½ of the Bonaventure Quartet (which is now a sextet) and agreed to perform for our series after the Agnes Scott Strings had to reschedule their engagement with us. They played a wonderful set of music and impressed everyone with a display of captivating virtuosity.

The audience was delighted. Many had never been in a Lodge Hall which featured a musical presentation. The skill of the guitarists was noted by all. Worshipful Master Bjelajac said of the performance, "I could have listened for another couple of hours at least."

Here are a couple of one minute clips of the performance which was enjoyed by Gate City and our guests. Click on the links to see the video:

Dave Bolin and Charles Williams play Gate City II's Religion and Culture Series, parts of 3rd and 4th selections .

The virtuoso is not perfect – he is excellent. We may strive for perfection with the understanding that it is unattainable. The lesson of great artistry is the personified example of realized potential. Virtuosity conveys that it is within each of us to be great at whatever it is that we wish to do. That The Grand Architect has gifted each and every one of us with potential is beyond question. The realization of that potential is your way of thanking God for what he has bestowed. So Mote It Be.

As is customary, after the meeting, Gate City II and friends adjourned to Cafe Intermezzo for a bit of fellowship.

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