Update on Lauren Johnston: Great News!

Lauren was doing incredibly well just a day after abdominal surgery; even had a sense of humor and some smiles. The report is positive after removal of one ovary with a very large, non-cancerous cyst and also, a germ cell tumor that was stage 1 (which meant it was caught early and had not spread). After treatment with several courses of chemotherapy, thankfully, Lauren should be fine.

Lauren is anxious to get back to New York City, her job, work friends, and her church family there. The plan as of now is that after recuperating a bit at home, Lauren will head back to NYC with Beth so that she can continue the work she loves - the best of both worlds as she goes through her chem o treatments...TLC from Mom and friends!

Some wonderful news that Lauren received Saturday was that she was accepted into grad school at NYU! She is thrilled and her Dr. told her that she should be OK to begin this fall.

The Johnston's are all grateful for all of your kind thoughts and prayers for them. They feel so fortunate that Lauren was visiting home here in Atlanta when all this happened and that the surgery is behind her. Please continue your prayers for her speedy recovery and smooth sailing through chemo treatments.

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