Sickness, Distress...Luck and Family

David Johnston's daughter Lauren is having emergency surgery on Friday morning to have a cyst removed. She just happened to be in town. Her sister, Taylor, aslo just happens to be coming into town tomorrow following midterms. Beth, David's wife, who just recently retired from her V.P. position with Delta, will be able to devote 100% care. For a family that is usually streched out across the country, or world, to have everyone together at a time like this is a beautiful thing.

From David's Email:

"Lauren came home Friday night from NYC, planning a short visit – she complained of a sharp pain in her abdomen on the right side when in a certain position – thinking it could be appendicitis we took her to the Emory ER Sat morning first thing – the tests showed a large cyst – Al Blackwelder put us in touch with the Chief Medical Officer for Emory, who is also their Chief of Gynocogical Oncology Surgery, who met with us yesterday morning – he will be operating on Lauren Friday morning at 8am – he/we will know more then, but he is very optimistic that Lauren will have a full recovery – we see God’s helping hand in this in many ways, including: Lauren had no symptoms whatsoever, running several miles for exercise last Mon and dancing this past Thursday evening, and just happened to be here with us Fri night rather than in NYC; Beth, having retired and taken a sabbatical is able to focus 100% of her time and energy on Lauren; Taylor finishes her midterms tomorrow and comes home tomorrow night to spend the next 10 days on her spring break with us – we are very confident that we have the best medical team, all that remains is prayer, which is always appreciated."

David, we will be praying.

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