Ancient Islamic Poetry: February 24, 2009

J.D. Jordan

Most of the following article (all except for the date) was taken from the August 2008 issue of The Newsletter of The Burns Club of Atlanta. The original article was written by Victor S. Gregg, Past President of the Burns Club of Atlanta.

For our second installment of the Religion and Culture series, our program for Tuesday, February 24, 2009 will be presented by J.D. Jordan. J.D. is a graphic artist, an author and an educator who recently completed a graduate degree in US - Middle Eastern history.

J.D.'s program will look at the classical period of Islamic Poetry, using a small handful of notable Arab and Persian poets to explore the most common themes of the genre: from uniquely Middle Eastern devotional works to familiar romantic styles, tavern poems and satires.

This program aims to demystify an often-adversarial culture through verse, the most celebrated art form in the Islamic world, historical perspective, and Islam's impact on Western Literature.

Norman P.