July 22, 2008 Ode Tae A Haggis

Haggis, a traditional Scottish meal comprised of sheep intestines and subject of a very famous Poem by Robert Burns, Ardent Freemason, was reenacted at a joint gathering hosted by Clarkston Lodge, with the program being put together by Gate City II all for the benefit of the July 22, 2008 meeting of the DeKalb Masonic Association. The meeting was officiated masterfully by David Herman, who was until that time unawares that he was doing so, with an opening lecture about Robert Burns given by Robert Young. Robert introduced the group to deliver Burns' famous poem which included two swordsmen, a bagpiper, the addressor and the final fellow... carried the warm, stinking, rich intestines on a silver platter. Richard Graham, an Englishman, addressed the Haggis in full Scottish Brogue (the crowd of eighty were given written translations so they could follow along). After which, the crowd adjourned to the cafeteria for a nice helping of Haggis, Turnips and potatoes with many going for seconds.
Norman P.