Gate City II, 4th Annual Lodge Retreat, 2008

Gate City held it's 2 008 retreat in Big Canoe over the weekend of December  5 - 7. The sprawling mountain top home accomidated sixteen total guests. The Gate City retreat was instituted in 2005 by Beaux Pettys and was initially for officers. Now, in it's fourth year, the retreat serves multiple purposes: officer training in opening and closing ritual, catechism work with candidates, planning the year, as well as other lodge administrative duties. Of course, the best part of the retreat is always the fellowship.

David Llewellyn, a cook at heart and an attorney by trade, took on the chef's duties with zeal. From home made waffles to hand made hors d'oeuvres and full course Italian meals, David Llewellyn's culinary craft was a  major highlight of the retreat!

Ryan Weaver and Victor Marshall happily assist with the dishes...
The many, many dishes...

Left to right: Ryan Weaver, Zeithlin Waters, Victor Marshall, David Johnston & Bill Kayma have a break while going over the Entered Apprentice Catechism.   Bill, a MELD committee member and PM of Sandy Springs, devoted his weekend to seeing what the Gate City Annual Retreat was all about and came away with plans to initiate one at his own Lodge.

One of the Craft's hardest workers, David Herman, takes a much needed break.  
David is a DDGM for the Fifth Masonic District and PM of Chamblee Sardis 
where he plans to put together a Lodge retreat.  He is also an integral part
of the Gate City II Religion and Culture series.

Norman P.